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The Personal Success workshop exceeded my expectations. The reason behind past conflicts are now better understood by me and our team. The knowledge gained in this workshop will serve to improve team work and harmony.
G. Frankton – Office Manager (Gold)

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True Colors — Personal Success Workshop

We are all different, so how can we work more effectively together? This interactive, information-packed session will help participants:

  • Explore their own distinctive personality strengths and stressors
  • Respect and appreciate differences in the ways people function
  • Lay the foundation for relationship building

Who Should  Participate?

The True Colors Personal Success Workshop is a great introduction to the True Colors methodology and the perfect professional development opportunity for helping employees who have to work together improve their interpersonal skills and become a more cohesive work group.  The Personal Success workshop is a pre-requisite for the other True Color workshops.

This workshop is delivered in the half-day format (approximately 3 hours).

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True Colors – Communication Workshop

Communication is more than just words we speak.  We send messages with our gestures and intonations.  Knowing the communication patterns of personality styles helps us understand the message being sent and assists us with our response.  Let the True Colors – Communication Workshop help you and your team promote open, honest conduct by understanding and appreciating different communication contributions and approaches.

This engaging and interactive learning experience will help participants:

  • Strengthen rapport, boost listening skills and learn how to clearly deliver their  message in a mutually beneficial way
  • Make the communication process easier and more effective
  • Enhance personal performance through effective communication

Who Should  Participate?

True Colors – Communication is a great professional development opportunity for employees who want or need to learn how to improve their individual communication skills and become highly competent communicators no matter who they have to interact with.

This is a full day workshop and takes approximately 7 hours

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True Colors – Teambuilding Workshop

Successful teams are comprised of individuals with various personality styles.  When all the members understand and accept the differences of their team mates’ styles, they become a cohesive unit with each member assigned to the proper task.  If you are ready to create an environment for teams to be successful. This hands-on learning experience will help participants:

  • Recognize the value of different personality types
  • Motivate individuals to better support team performance
  • Become more effective communicators

Who Should Participate?

The True Colors Teambuilding Workshop is a great professional development opportunity for intact teams or groups who want or need to become a more productive and successful team.

This is a full day workshop and takes approximately 7 hours.

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True Colors Teleclass

We have a small company, and really wanted our support staff to get True Colors Training.  Taking a half day for a workshop wasn’t a possibility, so we chose the Tele-Class instead.  Gillian is a very knowledgeable trainer and made the one hour experience really helpful for our team of 6.  I recommend the online assessment and teleclass to other small groups.

Deborah S. – Office Manager

True Colors – Tele-Class

In our experience “in person” True Colors workshops are most effective when there are at least 15 participants.  Generally speaking, this number allows for representation of each True Colors color type to be present, so that break out groups of each color type, can help educate the other participants on their styles, preferences, stressors and values….., in their own words.

Groups of less than 15, may wish to consider participation in our Tele-Class.  Participants, first take our online assessment then schedule a time to participate in a Teleclass.  During the Tele-Class, participants will get:

  • Answers to their True Colors Questions
  • Access to our expertise and live workshop experience
  • Valuable insights on all four True Color types,
  • Coaching on how to enhance their communications with the other True Colors types.

If you have a small team (less than 15 participants).  This Training opportunity may well be right for you!

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