What’s your Valentines True Colors?

Celebrate Valentines Day

In the days leading up to Valentines day, jewelers, greeting card companies, florists and chocolatiers will remind us of all the ways to demonstrate our affection for the people we care about.

Yes, February 14 – Valentine’s day, a time to celebrate love, romance and relationships.  But do you really know what matters to your True Love?

Using the metaphor of  Color, True Colors not only identifies four distinct perspectives and personalities it helps us appreciate what matters to each type.

What colour is your Valentine?

In the spirit of  Valentines Day, here are some things you might like to know about your Blue, Gold, Green or Orange True Love.

If your valentine is a True Colors Blue – here’s  how to connect with their romantic side.

By now you know that your True Love is a compassionate and caring person.  Often putting the needs of others ahead of their own.  They feel happiest when others are happy and look for ways to ensure everyone wins.  You also know they won’t admit that they want or need help even if it’s offered.   So this Valentines day show your True Blue Love you care, by creating an intimate and romantic experience that makes them feel loved.

Are you cuddly with a True Colors Orange – here’s how to connect with their need for excitement.

As I am sure you’ve already realized, their optimism, passion and high energy are some of what makes your True Love so much fun to be around.  And while  they can be flamboyant and sometimes even seem a little flaky, if you value their playfulness they’ll love you for it. This Valentines day show your True Orange Love you care by doing something spontaneous and fun with them.

Is  your Valentine a True Colors Green? – here’s how to connect with their creative side.

By now you can appreciate that your True Love is the type of person who thinks a lot, likes to ask questions and cherishes their autonomy.  While some people think they are aloof because they need alone time to allow for the way they process things you appreciate this aspect of their personality. This Valentines days,  show you care, by inviting your True Green Love to do something that they will be intrigued or fascinated by.

If the love of your life is a True Colors Gold, here’s what you might want to know to connect with their sentimental side?

By now you probably are aware that your True Love is a planner, the pillar of responsibility and loves to do things by the book.  While some people think they don’t know how to have fun because they can be so controlling,   you appreciate this aspect of their personality.  This Valentines Day, show your True Gold Love  you care by organizing an activity that allows them to fully experience sentimental moments.

Whether you or your True Love is GoldBlue, Green or Orange – on February 14 we celebrate the Color Red – Happy Valentines day.


A friendship that like love is warm; A love like friendship, steady.
Thomas Moore