What is True Colors?

About True Colors

Even though True Colors has been used for decades, it’s not uncommon for people to ask What is True Colors?

True Colors provides a clear, fundamental and universal way of translating complicated individual perspectives to help overcome the barriers to progress. This understanding improves collaboration, provides a way to strategize and organize work teams, helps increase individual and team productivity and recognition, and provides a way for decision-makers to utilize personality types in day to day management decisions.True Colors is a straightforward and simple method for gaining insights into why people behave the way they do. Using Color as a metaphor,  True Colors  differentiates the four personality types that are Gold, Blue, Green and Orange.  True Colors was first introduced in 1978 by Don Lowry.

Understanding your True Colors and those of the people around you helps to build bridges.

True Colors reveals our strengths

True Colors teaches reveals our strengths, new ways of relating to each other and strengthens our communications skills.  By using a fun approach to learning (we call it Edutainment) it also helps us understand and reduce sources of conflict and opens up lines of communication both in the workplace and at home.

I was asked to facilitate a True Colors Workshops for a group of nurses in a private clinic.  They ranged in age from early twenties to late 50’s and weren’t always able to appreciate their different perspectives, interests and even work ethic.  Some of their differences had created miscommunication and hurt feelings.

True Colors provides us with a common language

At the start of the workshop some of the team members expressed feelings of apprehension about what would happen during the day.  However, as the day unfolded it became clearer that some of the behaviors they had observed in others were motivated by a desire to be successful and good at what they do, in a way that was unique to them.  By the end of the workshop this group shared a common language and a commitment to apply what they had learned at work and (a side bonus) in their personal lives too.

To be honest, at first I didn’t think the Teambuilding workshop would be effective, but at the end of the day I was shown otherwise. It was really eye opening.

Thank you  – Katherin S.  Nurse


Gillian Andries is a Life and Career Coach and a certified True Colors facilitator in the Edmonton area.  Take a look at our True Colors Workshops then contact Gillian to discuss your specific needs.