Warm-up your next meeting using True Colors Team Building Exercises

Start your next team meeting with a bit of fun

Want to warm-up your team for a day’s meeting or training event? Then make sure your activities engage the four True Colors personality types in ways that will resonate with them.

Pre-meeting team building activities a.k.a. Ice Breakers, help participants get to know each other, allow for light but enjoyable conversation, generate laughter and reduce nerves before getting to the business of the meeting.

Activities that foster participation

Here are four True Colors Meeting warm-up activities that will foster participation, improve productivity and put your team members at ease

  • Blue True Colors personality types are relationship builders.  They care about others and are the most interested in making personal connections by getting to know the people in the room.  One of the best ways to engage this personality type is by using the  Instant Biography for warmup.
  • Want to make the Green True Colors personality types feel comfortable?  Bear in mind now that they can be creative, love to solve problems and appreciate ‘think time’.  A Brain Teaser will help everyone focus on the task while opening up their minds to possibilities.
  • Order and effective time management are two of the needs of The Gold True Colors personality type.  They will need to see the agenda, want to know what will be accomplished during the meeting and ‘ what’s in it for me’ (WIFM).  To help people of this personality type feel like the meeting is a good use of their time, ask participants to identify what they want to achieve during the meeting (on a flipchart) then go through their suggestions, being specific about what you will and will not be able to achieve and then lead into the outcomes for the meeting.
  • The Orange True Colors personality type enjoys spontaneity, fun and less structure.  Engage employees of this type, with an activity that allows them to be mentally and/or physically active.  The Mission Possible exercise is perfect for this.

Now that all four types have been engaged, remember to keep the momentum going by connecting with the needs of the different True Colors types throughout the meeting.

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Gillian Andries, is a Life and Career Coach and a certified True Colors facilitator  – Take a look at our True Colors Workshop options, then contact her to discuss your specific needs.

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