Team Building using True Colors

True Colors Team Building – A Case Study

Cynthia is the Human Resources Manager for a large organization with offices in a number of cities.  She’s asked me to facilitate a True Colors Team Building Workshop for 16 Managers who are part of the same team but are not co-located.

During our pre-workshop meeting, Cynthia shares the following challenges:

  • The managers have been asked to operate as a team, but aren’t functioning like a single unit, with a common purpose and commitment to shared outcomes.
  • There are a number of members who have strong views and tend to dominate the agenda.
  • Meetings are often hijacked by communications issues.
  • Competitiveness is impacting teamwork.

Cynthia’s organization is not unlike many who may not understand that there’s a difference between developing a team for a specific purpose and creating a culture that fosters team work.

According to –

“There’s been a big push in the last few years to move organizations to a more participative team-based culture. Some businesses have attempted to use a team model with limited success. Others have been very successful. Many organizations saw teams as the answer to meet the demands of time to market, quality, and service. In reality, it’s difficult to change an organization’s culture. Period.”

Cynthia would like to help the managers become more effective in their roles and adapt to the changing demands of their tasks.  She believes that a great place to start is to give them some fundamental team building skills.  She also wants them to learn that recognizing the value of different perspectives and work and communication styles, will help them become even better leaders.

Team Building using the True Colors personality types workshop will address many of Cynthia’s concerns.  The workshop can take as little as 3.5 hours or a full day depending on the needs of the organization, and by the end of a workshop, participants come away with tools and experiences that will immediately improve their work style.

The Team Building Workshop

A True Colors Team Building workshop begins with participants identifying their True Self Spectrum (i.e., identifying the order of their True Colors from from one to four with four being their Primary colour, and three being their Secondary colour, etc.,  using the True Colors Character cards  (BlueGreenGold and Orange).  This is an important step in the process because it helps participants  increase awareness of their personal style from the perspective of how they behave in the home environment.   Once the personal assessment is completed, participants then discover what their Work style is using the True Colors Team Member cards.  This can often be a revelation for some participants when they realize for the first time that who they know themselves to be at home, isn’t always the same person that shows up for work every day.  What follows is  a  variety of facilitated group exercises and break outs with lots of interactions, designed to help participants become a more cohesive team.

Over the course of the day everyone has an opportunity to experientially learn about the traits of a successful team and what team development ‘actually’ means.  They go on to identify their team’s color,  members’ strengths and contributions; learn about some of the ways they can be misunderstood and strategies for resolving conflicts.

While participants are always eager to learn about their True Colors’ predispositions, when framed in the context of a teams color, the learning is deeper and more impactful.

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of a full day session, team members have an understanding the four stages of team development,  the causes, characteristics and cures of conflict for each color and communication strategies that will improve their interpersonal relationships.

The Managers completed the workshop and ranked it 5 out of 5 citing this was something they would like to participate in every year and would like their staff to take the workshop too.

This is the first workshop I’ve attended, where I felt like I’m leaving with practical tools I can use during every meeting I participate in, and I had fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the ‘guys’ on a different level.
Bryan L., Team Manager