What participants say about my True Colors Workshops

Sandra J.

I really enjoyed the Team Building workshop and am surprised by how much I learned about myself and the people I work with.

Sandra J.Team Building Workshop
K. Sutton

To be honest, at first I didn’t think  this workshop would be effective, but at the end of the day I was shown otherwise. It was really eye opening. Thank you.  (Gold, Orange, Blue, Green)

K. SuttonPersonal Success Workshop
Jen B.

I learned so much in this workshop, and I love your teaching style.  (Orange, Blue, Gold, Green)

Jen B.Team Building Workshop
Bill R

Gillian is very vibrant, and knew exactly how to handle a room full of teachers. Well done!

Bill RPersonal Success Workshop
Melissa M.

Gillian you are an awesome facilitator.  Five Stars!!!  (Gold, Green, Blue, Orange)

Melissa M. Team Building Workshop
B. Zimmerman - Instructor

Gillian i s the perfect facilitator for this workshop.  Her training methods were engaging and effective.  (Blue)

B. Zimmerman - InstructorPersonal Success Workshop
Shantelle Bihis

Gillian is a great presenter! Love your personality! You make me want to be Orange – Ha!!  (Blue, Gold, Green, Orange)

Shantelle BihisPersonal Success Workshop
Anne Logan

I really enjoyed this workshop and can’t wait for my husband to do it.  (Blue, Gold, Orange, Green)

Anne LoganPersonal Success Workshop
D. Purdy

This workshop was good.  I really believe that this will help the team get to the next level as now they can all relate/understand why people do what they do and how to be a better team mate.  Gillian was very effective.  (Orange, Blue, Gold, Green)

D. PurdyPersonal Success Workshop
Heidi Seguin

Gillian was awesome!!  I enjoyed the workshop and will definitely use the information in my daily life.  (Orange, Blue, Gold, Green)

Heidi SeguinPersonal Success Workshop
J. Delaney

I really enjoyed the workshop Gillian.  I found the morning very thought provoking.  Thanks.  (Gold, Green, Blue, Orange)

J. DelaneyPersonal Success Workshop
Kent Zadko

Gillian is a fantastic presenter!

Kent ZadkoPersonal Success Workshop
Carolyn T. - Manager

The workshop was great.  I think it helped a lot of people learn how to be more open. (Blue)

Carolyn T. - Manager Personal Success Workshop
Kim Westlin

I really enjoyed Gillian.  She is very upbeat and fun!  She made the course interesting and I want to learn more! (Green, Gold, Blue, Orange)

Kim Westlin Personal Success Workshop
Bell Quesnel

Great Presentation.  Awesome Trainer!  Thanks (Gold, Orange, Blue Green)

Bell Quesnel Personal Success Workshop
Emilie B.

I came into the workshop negatively and I think I am leaving more positively. It has actually helped. (Gold, Blue, Green, Orange)

Emilie B.Personal Success Workshop
Sean Paszek

I have taken a True Color course before and this training makes me realize how important it is to reanalyze and refocus the teachings of True Colors in our life.

(Green, Orange, Gold, Blue)

Sean PaszekPersonal Success Workshop
Chelsey Lavallee

Thank you for rejuvernating our team!  Great energy and presence

(Blue, Orange, Gold, Green)

Chelsey LavalleePersonal Success Workshop
Wolfgang Brettner

Awesome workshop.  Loved the trainer, she was very effective.

(Gold, Blue, Orange, Green)

Wolfgang BrettnerPersonal Success Workshop
Deborah S. - Office Manager

We have a small company, and really wanted our support staff to get True Colors Training.  Taking a half day for a workshop wasn’t a possibility, so we chose the Tele-Class instead.  Gillian is a very knowledgeable trainer and made the one hour experience really helpful for our team of 6.  I recommend the online assessment and teleclass to other small groups.

Gold, Orange, Blue, Green

Deborah S. - Office ManagerTrue Colors Tele-Class