True Colors Quick Assessment

Learning about your True Colors could improve your interactions with others.

If you are curious, take this quick test to get a sense of what your True Colors might be.

Instructions:  Check “Yes or No” to the following questions,  then click ‘Get Test Results’  to find out which True Colors type you most resonate with.

1.I’m the type who likes to act on a moments notice and squeeze the juice out of life.
2.I have a flair for recognizing and seizing opportunities.
3. I need fun, variety and excitement.
4.I’m organized, dependable and responsible.
5.I value order and cherish the traditions of home and family.
6.I like to know and follow the rules and want others to do so too.
7.I need to be responsible, useful, and like to belong.
8.I like to acquire knowledge and understanding.
9.I have an aptitude for critique and problem-solving.
10.I need explanations, answers and evidence.
11.I’m direct and decisive.

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