Quiz – Get to know your Clients Fast

As a consultant you work with a variety of different people and personalities.  And, you may well have discovered that when communicating with your clients, what seems obvious to you can sometimes be confusing to them.

This quick and simple test has been designed for your clients, so they can help you get to know them a little better.

Instructions:  Ask your clients to answer “yes or no” to the following questions.  Click ‘get the results’ to find out what their True Color type is.

1.Adaptable: I prefer to ‘go with the flow.” I tend to be a ‘now’ person who takes things as they come.
2.Includers: I am accepting of others. I show awareness of those who feel left out, and make an effort to include them.
3.Restorative: I am adept at dealing with problems. I am good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.
4.Developers: I recognize and cultivate the potential in others.
5.Relators: I enjoy close relationships with others and find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.
6.Caring: I lead with feelings .
7.People Oriented: I am cooperative
8.Learners: I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve.
9.Deliberative: I take serious care in making decisions or choices. I anticipate the obstacles
10.Reserved: I seek autonomy and usually prefer to work alone.
11.Perfectionists: I’m not satisfied until the work is 100% right.
12.Analytical: I tend to search for reasons and causes and have the ability to think about all factors that might affect a situation
13.Intellectual: I am introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions
14.Competent: I pride myself on being good at what I do and expect competent follow through from others
15.Self-Confident: I take the initiative and am not afraid to get things moving if I feel leadership is lacking.
16.Challengers: I thrive on competition and may get involved in situations just to see if I can be successful where others have failed
17.Push boundaries: I don’t conform to other peoples ideas, and like to test limits. Red tape and bureaucracy can bog me down.
18.Impulsive & Spontaneous: I can become easily distracted if my attention isn’t kept focussed and prone to making on the spot decisions.
19.Self-described Multitaskers: I enjoy working on several things at once and can switch gears quickly.
20.Carefree: I try find the fun in everything I do so may think a goal isn’t worth achieving if it’s not fun along the way.
21.Direct Communicators: I’m a ‘tell it like it is person. If you want frank, forthright feedback, ask an me.
22.Organized: Take a look at my office or work space. You’ll notice I’m comfortable with an orderly environment and I have a knack for knowing the most efficient place and method for storing or arranging things..
23.Planners: I am a linear thinker. One thing leads to another and I often use tools like checklists and Gantt charts to keep things on track.
24.All about the rules: I’m a stickler for rules, and can become ‘prickly’ when others interpret rules as ‘guidelines’. E.g., the meeting starts at 8 am. not 8 ish.
25.Punctual: Pay attention to my obvious signs of irritation when others are late – e.g., clock watching, encouraging the meeting to start on time, even though everyone hasn’t arrived, and my comments about tardiness.
26.Detail Oriented: I notice things that others just can’t see.
27.Like structure: Don’t invite me to a meeting without an agenda. I need to know what will be addressed in advance so I can be prepared. I also expect you to follow the agenda.
28.Conscientious: I will do what it takes to get the job done, and am hard on myself if I fail to follow through.

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