Put your strengths to work – Green in the workplace

Strengths of the True Colors Green Personality Type in the Workplace

It can be hard for some people to talk about themselves in positive ways;  at least that’s been my experience.  I begin most workshops by asking the participants to share two positive adjectives that describe them, and more often than not watch as they struggle to find the words.   For a variety of reasons, people aren’t comfortable talking about themselves.  Maybe they feel awkward, embarrassed and perhaps even boastful.  On the other hand, ask them what they aren’t good at and surprisingly they have very little difficulty coming up with a list.

Knowing your strengths is important for several reasons..

  1. It helps you make informed choices about what makes you happy at work, and the type of work you enjoy doing.
  2. When your strengths are known to you, it helps you determine what more you need to learn so that you can continue to grow.
  3. It improves your self-confidence, and lets face it, confident people are more enjoyable to be around.
  4. When you know your strengths, it allows you to better manage or work around your weaknesses.

In his book Go put your strengths to work Marcus Buckingham thoroughly explains the reasons why focusing on strengths is the only sensible course of action and takes you through a highly focused process of identifying personal strengths, and becomes your most personal ally in taking a stand for doing what makes you strong.

If you identify with the Green characteristics or work with Greens the following information will be insightful.

Greens seek answers to nature’s enigmas and encourage employees to do the same.  They are interested in inspiring employees to stretch their intellect and present instructional materials logically.

As a True Colors Green employee you…

  • Perform well when exposed to the driving force or overall theory behind a task
  • Learn best and prefer to work independently
  • Are motivated by new ideas and concepts that arouse you curiosity
  • Are gratified by interpreting new ideas and probing abstract concepts
  • Respond positively to the recognition and appreciation of  your knowledge and skill level in certain subjects
  • Are logical, theoretical and need immediate challenges

As a True Colors Green manager you…

  • Use a cause and effect approach to developing the reasoning ability of employees
  • Enjoy giving employees new insights and knowledge gathered from your research
  • Think it is wise to create new procedures, reflecting the advances made in technology and culture
  • Enjoy expanding your employee’s knowledge
  • Excel in gathering research, developing and sharing your knowledge with team members

Some research data show that most people do not come close to making full use of their assets at work — in fact, only 17 percent of the workforce believe they use all of their strengths on the job.  You don’t have to be one of those statistics.  Learn as much as you can about your strengths and then Go put them to work.

Gillian Andries, is a Life and Career Coach and a certified True Colors facilitator  – Take a look at our True Colors Workshop options, then contact her to discuss your specific needs.