Lessons in Leadership: Engage and motivate your employees with True Colors

True Colors helps engage and motivate your employees

Part of creating a thriving organization involves learning how to engage and motivate a variety of people and personalities.   Understanding the different True Colors personalities can help us work together with people whose personalities are different from our own.  In this article you will be introduced to the motivators that drive the four  True Colors types.

How the motives of the True Colors personalities affect your organization

Understanding the True Colors of the people you work with will help you to engage, motivate and foster success in more meaningful ways. For example, a Gold type prefers things to be direct, specific and goal-oriented, but an Orange type quickly loses interest or becomes unmotivated if you only talk to them about numbers and tasks. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that everyone you interact with is motivated by the same things or take a one-size fits all approach to mentoring new employees.

Think about the culture of your organization. Are you welcoming people with diverse traits or have you been unintentionally dismissing certain personalities? What can you change in your organization and your recruiting practices to appeal to different personality types?

The Four Personalities

The following characteristics  generally describe the styles of the four True Colors personalities.   It’s important to remember that just because individuals consider themselves to be dominant in one of these styles, doesn’t mean that they have every characteristic described.  All it means is that they have more of these traits than traits of any of the other color styles.  Take a look at these brief descriptions then follow the links to better understand what drives them:


Gold  types  follow the rules and respect authority.

At work they provide stability and can maintain organization.  They are able to handle details and have a strong sense of right and wrong.  They are dependable.

Golds  are driven by power.



Orange types are satisfied in careers that allow them freedom and independence.

They become bored and restless with jobs that are routine and structured.  They tend to be spontaneous and consider life as a game, here and now.  They need fun, variety, stimulation and excitement.

Oranges  are driven by freedom


green Green types seek knowledge and understanding and live life by their own standards.

They are conceptual and independent thinkers. For them, work is play. They are drawn to constant challenge in careers and like to , explore ideas to satisfy their need to deal with the innovative.

Greens are driven by competency.


blueBlue types  need to feel unique and authentic. They look for meaning and significance in life.

Connecting and creating quality relationships and having purpose is what motivates and drives them.  They are very good at motivating and interacting with others.

Blues are driven by intimacy.


Gillian Andries, is a Life and Career Coach and a certified True Colors facilitator  – Take a look at our True Colors Workshop options, then contact her to discuss your specific needs.