True Colors for Educators

Great teachers have a passion for their vocation, and are busy people who bring their own personality and styles of communication to work with them every day.

And, just like in other work environments, enthusiasm and productivity can be negatively affected when conflicts arise, due to poor communication skills, or lack of appreciation for diversity.

So, if you

  • are looking for learning opportunities to offer to your teaching and administrative staff during PD days;
  • would like to find a way to help your diverse teaching and administrative staff improve their interpersonal relationships or
  • have noticed that differing styles of communication are affecting the work environment, a True Colors workshop can help.

True Colors has been used successfully for over twenty-five years in education, to gain higher levels of self esteem, academic achievement and improved personal relationships in school and in their families.

Take a look at the True Colors Workshop options on the Workshops page, then request a call back, and I’ll get right back to you.

Gillian is very vibrant, and knew exactly how to handle a room full of teachers. Well done!

Bill R.  Teacher



    If you are organizing the workshop, there are a few logistical needs:

    1. Ensure the meeting room is large enough for participants to move around easily.
    2. Round or oblong tables are preferable  (participants will be broken out into color groups);
    3. Four Flipcharts;
    4. Snacks and beverages for participants

    We provide an in-depth analysis of your training needs then customize the training specifically to address your needs.  We promise that the workshop will be enjoyed by participants and they will be able to implement their learning immediately.

    All of our workshops are ‘done for you’ events. That means once we agree on a time and date we will bring just about everything else that is needed to make the workshop run smoothly. We’ll even bring a projector and screen if you don’t have one in your meeting space.

    All participants receive :

    1.  A workshop specific Authentic True Colors Workbook
    2. 12 months of ongoing support

    If you would prefer us to secure a meeting space and take care of catering, we can do that too.  Just let us know.

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