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Bringing out the best of the True Colors Orange Personality

The True Colors Orange Personality is driven by Freedom

For the  True Colors Orange personality, freedom isn’t about abandoning responsibility, its getting things done in any way they can.

One on Ones with Orange Personality types

If you are meeting with someone you think is an Orange type, be prepared to listen for straight to the point feedback.  They are very comfortable telling it like it is.  If you want them to take on a task, give them information that is immediately useful to them and the freedom to take action.  If you pay close attention to the way they speak,  you’ll notice it’s very action oriented.  They are all about doing.  And, if you use an ‘unconventional’ approach with them they are likely to remain way more engage.

Mentoring an Orange Personality type

If you want an Orange to succeed, allow them to show off their skills without condemning them for their process. They are proficient, capable people, so give them immediate feedback and praise for the clever way they handle situations.   Oranges are excellent multi-taskers but for best results, don’t insist that they drop what they are doing and give you their full attention.  Instead, figure out what you can do to help them finish their projects or otherwise fit into their world

Acknowledging Orange Personality types

Acknowledge Orange types at every opportunity.  Don’t just wait for the major milestones.  Take a moment during a team meeting to congratulate them for achieving a goal or accomplishing a task.  When recognizing them, you don’t need to make it really deep,  a pat on the bask is fine with an Orange.  They also appreciate celebrations that put them in the spotlight.

Traits to develop in Orange Personality types

Like the other types, Oranges typically have under developed the other aspects of their personality. If you are mentoring or coaching an Orange, you can work with them to brighten their GreenBlue and Gold traits and help them with:

  1. Endurance – They  are great at starting things, but maintaining and finishing can sometimes be a problem.  To help them, work on short term goals and winning in the moment, rather than years down the road.
  2. Self-Awareness – Help them identify areas they can improve, but remember to keep the focus positive and upbeat.  Turn improvement into a good thing, something they can celebrate, and Oranges will be more willing to participate in self-reflection.
  3. Organization – Oranges are very successful in the moment, but a lack of organization can prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Help them come up with ways to organize their tasks.  Discuss the idea of good versus great and how they can best use their time.
  4. Accountability – Help them  identify priorities and create a system of accountability, such as a checklist, or an email.  the key is having a system in place that helps them stay on task while focusing on the positive.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
Winston Churchill

Strengths that help Orange Personality types succeed

The Oranges contribution to your team is invaluable.  If you are mentoring an Orange, learn, recognize and acknowledge their strengths, then  help them put their strengths to work

You can count on them to be:

  1. Leaders:  If you need someone to take charge of a situation with confidence, ask an Orange.  They are able to take over and manage a situation with flare, even when they have little experience with the circumstances at hand.
  2. Trouble-shooters:  Oranges are quick decision makers.  When faced with a challenge, they find it almost irresistible.  Their minds go straight to work figuring out a way to make things happen.
  3. Good negotiators: If you run up against a ‘no’ from someone and need a ‘yes’, enlist the help of an Orange.  They have a charming way of gaining cooperation from others.


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