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Bringing out the Best of the True Colors Green Personality

True Colors Green Personality types are driven by Competency

For the Green dominant type, Competency is a driver.  They strive for brilliance and want to be proficient and expert in the things they do.

One on Ones with Green Personality Types

If you are meeting with someone you think is a Green type, be prepared for  someone who won’t say much unless specifically asked.   Greens can be difficult to read as they don’t openly express their emotions.  If you want to engage them, make sure you tell them what your expectations of the meeting are well in advance.  They need to prepare and don’t respond well to being put on the spot.  You’ll really get their attention if you use precise technical language.

Mentoring a Green  Personality Type

If you want a Green to succeed, allow them quiet time to think and process information.  They may seem to be introverts, but that’s just because they spend a great deal of concentrating on key details,  planning, strategizing and being systematic in their approach to whatever they are working on. Greens consider the big picture, so you’ll want to ask for their input and then be sure to validate their responses.

Acknowledging  Green Personality Types

Greens appreciate being recognized for their competence and ideas.  Some people make the mistake of thinking that because Green’s work quietly in the background that praise doesn’t matter to them.  This isn’t true.  They want to know that you see the good work they are doing.    One thing a Green may appreciate is a private note or word, even something as simple as saying ‘I hope you know how much I appreciate  your technical support’ for example.  While they are most comfortable with quiet celebration, they do appreciate public praise – but it does take them out of their comfort zone.

Traits to develop in Green Personality Types

Like the other types, Greens typically have under developed the other aspects of their personality. If you are mentoring or coaching a Green, you can work with them to brighten their OrangeBlue and Gold traits and help them with:

  1. Decisiveness – They are so good at thinking, that making a timely decision can be difficult.  Help them set specific goals in terms of actions they will take to help them move forward.
  2. Expressiveness – Encourage them to speak up rather than avoid issues.  Help them see how addressing concerns and offering conflicting views can be productive and beneficial to the team.
  3. Enthusiasm – Their calm personalities are sometimes misinterpreted as lacking interest.  Help them work on conveying enthusiasm in their tone and body language.
  4. Confidence – They have a hard time giving themselves credit for how good they really are.  If you have Green’s on your team you’ll want to help them develop a greater sense of confidence in their abilities.

Strengths that help Green Personality types succeed

The Greens contribution to your team is invaluable.  If you are mentoring a Green, learn, recognize and acknowledge their strengths, then  help them put their strengths to work.

You can count on them to be:

  1. Tenacious:  They have incredible tenacity.  Whey they put their minds to something, they see it through to the end.  This is a great strength for any team.  They will keep working and moving forward, even if it isn’t obvious to you that they are still working on the issue.
  2. Insightful:  They are excellent watchers and listeners, which allows them to develop valuable insights.  Having a Green on your team can be an excellent asset.  Just remember, you’ll have to ask for their advice, because they won’t offer it freely.
  3. Diplomatic: They are very conscious about the things they say and have the ability to see multiple sides of an issue.  This is a valuable skill when working with a diverse team.

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