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Bringing out the best of the True Colors Gold Personality

The True Colors Gold Personality is driven by Power

For the Gold dominant type, power isn’t about control or dominance, it’s about getting things done efficiently and effectively.

One on Ones with Gold  Personality types

If you are meeting with someone you believe is a Gold Personality , they won’t likely be late so make sure you aren’t either.  Gold’s don’t appreciate tardiness.  They will want the meeting to start on time and end on time.  Failing to do so, tells them that you aren’t organized and you don’t value their time.  The need to know the order of things is a hallmark for the Gold, so they will absolutely want an Agenda.  Nothing irritates them more than not clearly understanding  how their time will be spent and the role they are expected to play.

For Golds, there’s a correct way to do things.  If you’re wondering about meeting protocols, a Gold will be your best bet for finding out.  You can also expect that a Gold type will speak up and challenge things they don’t understand.  So be prepared to be direct and concise in your communications with them.

Mentoring a Gold Personality type

If you want a Gold to succeed, give them  opportunities to use their skills and hold them accountable.  Be specific and logical when communicating with them.  They don’t have a lot of patience with emotional outbursts and can be intimidating and verbally defensive if they feel threatened.  Don’t take it personally. They are also secretly very hard on themselves.  They expect things to go the way they planned 99% of the time and when that doesn’t happen,  they become very self-critical – although you’ll never hear them say so.

Acknowledging Gold Personality types

While Gold’s don’t need constant acknowledgement, they do enjoy knowing their contributions are appreciated.  They value public recognition of their accomplishments, particularly from people they respect and appreciate receiving recognition in the form of ceremony with plaques and certificates.  One meaningful way to recognize their accomplishments might be to give them opportunities to  share their successes with colleagues.  A few minutes during a team meeting will fulfill their need to be seen by their peers as smart and capable.

Traits to develop in Gold Personality types

Like the other types, Golds typically have under developed the other aspects of their personality. If you are mentoring or coaching a Gold, you can work with them to brighten their  Green, Blue and Orange traits and help them with:

  1. Patience – Golds need to have a little more patience and be more  open minded  about the way others communicate.   While it can be irritating when discussion start going in different directions and off agenda,  it’s important to remember that some people need to hear themselves think.  If things become too disruptive, show leadership and encourage an offline discussion.
  2. Learning to nurture others – Golds need to remember that feelings matter and work on developing tact and helping others feel connected and appreciated.  It’s okay to be direct and focused, but it’s important to learn how to develop relationships with their team and others.
  3. Flexibility – Help your Golds  learn to be a little more flexible in their approach to things.  Try new ways of doing things, or jump in and troubleshoot in a situation without planning.  Remind them it’s okay to let it be someone else’s idea.  It’s the results that matter.

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses”
Marilyn vos Savant

Focus their Strengths

The Gold contribution to your team is invaluable.  If you are mentoring a Gold, learn, recognize and acknowledge their strengths, then  help them put their strengths to work

You can count on Golds to be:

  1. Independent:  They are typically self starters and great at working on their own.  If they say they are going to do something.  They’ll get it done, on time.
  2. Planners:  They  are amazingly gifted at knowing what needs to be done to accomplish a goal.  They think in an organized way and are realistic in setting time lines for completion
  3. Leaders: They  enjoy taking care of business and others.  They easily take on a leadership role when necessary and will direct and motivate other to appropriate action.


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