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Bringing out the Best of the True Colors Blue Personality

The True Colors Blue Personality is driven by Intimacy

For the Blue personality type, Intimacy or connecting and creating quality relationships, is what motivates and drives them.  They bring great gifts of quality and service and are generally loyal, sincere and thoughtful.

One on Ones with Blue Personality Types

If you are meeting with someone you think is a Blue type they will be interested in making a connection with you before you get into the purpose of the meeting.  Ask them how they are feeling, seek to understand how things are in their world before trying to engage them in business at hand.  

Mentoring a Blue Personality Type

If you want a Blue to succeed, help them develop by providing the training and tools they need to do their jobs and the opportunity to help others. Because they strive to be authentic, encourage them to find different ways to present their ideas.  And if you really want them to excel, give them opportunities to train, guide, recruit and mentor others.

Acknowledging Blue Personality Types

Blues are all about intimacy, so personal gestures mean a lot to them.  Recognizing them in front of their colleagues is nice, but giving them a handwritten note shows you thought about them before the meeting and care about them personally.  They crave deep appreciation, not just praise, so remembering things in their life like birthdays, anniversaries and their children is important. Blues don’t need public praise like other True Colors types, they are content with private acknowledgement.

Traits to develop in Blue Personality Types

Like the other types, Blues typically have under developed the other aspects of their personality. If you are mentoring or coaching a Blue, you can work with them to brighten their  Orange, Green, and Gold traits and help them with:

  1. Trust – They have really good intuition, but they often second guess themselves and end up talking themselves out of following their impressions.  If they learn to trust their intuition, they’ll quickly discover their intuition is bang on.
  2. BalanceSaying No, is hard for Blues, which usually causes them to take on more than they can handle and leaves them feeling overwhelmed.  Help them learn that it isn’t their responsibility to rescue everyone.
  3. HopeThey are aren’t good with letting go of failures, problems or difficulties.  Remind them they can move forward and have a different future.  They need to hear that from time to time.
  4. Positive Self-Talk – Blues are very critical of themselves and they constantly compare themselves to others.  Help them change their inner dialogue by focusing on their strengths and what they  do well.

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Strengths that help Blue Personality Types succeed

The Blue’s contribution to your team is invaluable.  If you are mentoring a Blue, learn, recognize and acknowledge their strengths, then  help them put their strengths to work

You can count on them to be:

  1. Honest:  They have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are trustworthy and people who work with them know this about them.
  2. Resilient:  They are strong.  Even if things don’t go their way, they have a good cry and then they’re back to work. Blues are tenacious and this makes them invaluable to any team.
  3. Intuitive: Because they are driven by intimacy, they get to know people, their lives and what they need in the moment.

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