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Gillian is a fantastic trainer. The workshop was fun! not boring and easy to understand. It really helped me to better understand the people I work with.”

Fiona T.

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Hi there: I’m Gillian Andries, I hope you’ve found what you need to know about our True Colors Workshops and that your next step will be to contact me.  But, if you are anything like me, it would probably help to know a few things about the person who will take your team from good to great.

I’m a certified True Colors Trainer and a Professional Certified Coach, accredited with the International Coaches Federation (ICF). I am also the former Executive Director of the Edmonton Oilers Charitable Foundation and Director of Community Relations for the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club. I’ve been leading teams in one form or another for more than two decades now and I am passionate about helping people grow! (And, speaking of helping people grow, I’m also called Mom by four fabulous young women ). Oh, and just in case your are wondering, my True Colors spectrum is Orange, Gold, Blue and Green.

What does all of this mean for you? Well, when you hire me to lead your staff through one of my True Colors Workshops, here’s what you get:

– Extreme passion, enthusiasm and expertise;

– an interactive, professionally run event, that improves participants’ understanding of themselves;

– tools that help participants learn to appreciate the value and contribution of their colleagues;

– improved teambuilding and communications skills, and a bonus 12 months of ongoing reinforcement and support

And the best part is they will have fun in the process.

The highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and “aha” moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery,” where students of all ages retain that kindergarten enthusiasm of embracing each day with the joy of learning.

Judy Willis – Neurologist and Educator